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Run testcases

Run testcases

HttpRunner can run testcases in diverse ways.

You can run single testset by specifying testset file path.

$ httprunner filepath/testcase.yml

You can also run several testsets by specifying multiple testset file paths.

$ httprunner filepath1/testcase1.yml filepath2/testcase2.yml

If you want to run testsets of a whole project, you can achieve this goal by specifying the project folder path.

$ httprunner testcases_folder_path

When you do continuous integration test or production environment monitoring with Jenkins, you may need to send test result notification. For instance, you can send email with mailgun service as below.

$ httprunner filepath/testcase.yml --report-name ${BUILD_NUMBER} \
    --mailgun-smtp-username "" \
    --mailgun-smtp-password "12345678" \
    --email-sender \
    --email-recepients ${MAIL_RECEPIENTS} \
    --jenkins-job-name ${JOB_NAME} \
    --jenkins-job-url ${JOB_URL} \
    --jenkins-build-number ${BUILD_NUMBER}